Workshop Program
(Revised on January 21, 1999)

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Jan.25 10:00--10:15 Opening
Jan.25 10:15--11:15 Keynote Address (1)
Chaired by T.Yoshino
Beutler, G., H, Drewes, and M. Rothacher Collocating Space Geodetic Networks: Scientific Rationale and State of Realization of the International Space Geodetic Network(ISGN)
Bosworth, J.M. Collocation of Systems at Space Geodetic Sites - Best Practices to Ensure Correct Scientific Interpretation of Combined Sollutions
Jan.25 11:15--11:35 Break
Jan.25 11:35--12:35 Keynote Address (2)
Chaired by G. Beutler

Altamimi, Z. and C. Boucher Recent Results of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame
Yoshino, T. Role of the Collocated Stations
Jan. 25 12:35--14:00 Lunch
Jan. 25 14:00--15:00 Reference Frame and Collocation (1)
Chaired by Z. Altamimi

Schlueter, W., R. Dassing, R. Kilger, and U. Schreiber The Fundamental Station Wettzell, Current Status and Future Plans
Hase, H., W. Schlueter, and A. Boeer TIGO and its Future Application for the ITRF
Pearlman, M. R., J. Degnan, and V. Husson The International Laser Ranging Service: Its Organization and Anticipated Impact on the Space Geodesy Community
Jan. 25 15:00--15:20 Break
Jan. 25 15:20--16:20 Reference Frame and Collocation (2)
Chaired by J. Bosworth

Tatevian, S.K., S.P. Kuzin, and L.S. Shtirberg Collocation of Different Space Geodesy Technique at the Simeiz Geodynamical Observatory
Koyama, Y., R. Ichikawa, T. Otsubo, T. Kondo, J. Amagai, M. Furuya, K. Sebata, and H.Kunimori Comparison of Coordinates and Velocities of the Key Stone Project Observation Sites Determined from VLBI, GPS and SLR
Kaminuma, K., K. Shibuya, M. Kanao, and K. Doi Space Geodetic Observations at Syowa Station, Antarctica
Jan. 26 9:30--11:10 Reference Points and Local Tie at Collocated Station
Chaired by W. Schlueter

Niell, A. and V. Nelson The VLBI to GPS Tie at Westford
Matsuzaka, S., M. Ishihara, K. Nemoto, and K. Kobayashi Local Tie between VLBI and GPS at Geographical Survey Institute
Schlueter, W., H. Hase, H. Lang, B. Richter, R. Stoger, and R. Zernecke Actual Results of the Local Survey at the FS-Wettzell
Banni, A., F. Buffa, and L. Mureddu Determination of the Local Transform Parameters in Sardinia
Xia, S., H. Tamura, H. Hasegawa, J. Ooizumi, H. Kunimori, J. Amagai, and H. Kikukawa Local Tie at the Key Stone Sites
Jan. 26 11:10--11:30 Break
Jan. 26 11:30--12:30 Toward an Integration of Independent Space Techniques (1)
Chaired by T.A.Herring

Takahashi, Y., H. Kiuchi, A. Kaneko, Y. Koyama, N. Kurihara, M. Sekido, T. Kondo, R. Ichikawa, T. Yoshino, J. Amagai, M. Furuya, and K. Sebata The Comparison of VLBI and GPS Station Movements and Their Variations Longer than One Month
Ogi, S., Y. Fukuzaki, M. Iwata, K. Shiba, M. Yazawa, K. Takashima, and K. Nagata Comparison of the Time Variation with GSI VLBI Domestic Experiments and Daily GPS Measurements
Govind, R., J. Dawson, G. Luton, and D. Sproule Combination of High Precision Space Geodetic Techniques
Jan. 26 12:30--14:00 Lunch
Jan. 26 14:00--15:00 Toward an Integration of Independent Space Techniques (2)
Chaired by J. Manning

Herring, T.A. Combination of Space Geodetic Measurements
Sandwell, D. T., and Y. Bock Integration of Interferometric SAR and Continuous GPS for Monitoring Crustal Strain in Southern California
Murakami, M., H. Nakagawa, M. Tobita, S. Fujiwara, and M. Murakami Complementary Aspects of Satellite-Borne InSAR and Continuous GPS as Used for Crustal Deformation Monitoring
Jan. 26 15:00--17:00 Poster Session
Jan. 26 17:00-- Reception
Jan. 27 9:30--10:50 Collocation in Space
Chaired by M. Pearlman

Iwata, T., M. Ogawa, K. Yonekura, T. Babauchi, N. Nonaka, N. Namiki, H. Hanada, N. Kawano, K. Heki, Y. Kozai, T. Takano, M. Hosokawa, and RSAT/VRAD Mission Group A Conceptual Study of the Mission Instruments for Selenodesy using SELENE Relay Satellite
Hanada, H., T. Iwata, N. Kawano, K. Heki, S. Tsuruta, T. Ishikawa, H. Araki, K. Matsumoto, Y. Kono, Y. Kaneko, M. Ogawa, Y. Iijima, Y. Koyama, M. Hosokawa, T. Miyazaki, N. Namiki, A. Sengoku, Y. Fukuzaki, T. Ikeda, F. Fuke, and RISE group Observation System of Radio Sources on the Moon by VLBI in SELENE project
Schreiber, U., N. Kawano, T. Yoshino, H. Kunimori, and W. Schlueter Laser Ranging and VLBI for the SELENE-II Mission
Heki, K., N. Kawano, H. Hanada, M. Ooe, S. Tsuruta, H. Araki, K. Matsumoto, Y. Kono, and RISE group In-situ Lunar Orientation Measurement (ILOM) with an Optical Telescope on the Lunar Surface
Jan. 27 10:50--11:10 Break
Jan. 27 11:10--12:30 APT/APSG (1)
Chaired by S. Ye

Sasao, T., D. L. Jauncey, and APT Group Asia-Pacific Telescope 22GHz VLBI Experiment in October 1997
Minh, Y.C. Construction of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN): A New Project of Korea
Antarctic VLBI Consortium (read by Y. Tamura) VLBI Experiments at Syowa Station, Antarctica
Kondo, T., N. Kurihara, Y. Koyama, M. Sekido, R. Ichikawa, T. Yoshino, J. Amagai, K. Sebata, M. Furuya, Y. Takahashi, H. Kiuchi, and A. Kaneko KSP VLBI System and its Measurement Accuracy
Jan. 27 12:30--13:30 Lunch
Jan. 27 13:30--15:10 APT/APSG (2)
Chaired by R. Govind

Sengoku, A., M. Fujita, and H. Fukura Range Bias Problem Associated with SLR Data at Simosato
Kunimori, H., F. Katsuo, J. Amagai, and T. Otsubo Collocations of multiple SLR stations and calibration
Tobita, M. Project97; Joint Simultaneous Observing Project of Space Geodetic Stations in Japan, 1997
Murakami, M. Establishment of the New Reference Frame of Japan Using Space Geodetic Techniques
Li, J., Z. Qian, G. Wang, W. Zhu, and C. Feng The Motion of the Shanghai Collocation Site Relative to the Eurasia Plate
Jan. 27 15:10--15:20 Break
Jan. 27 15:20--16:20 APT/APSG (3)
Chaired by M. Inoue

Cannon, W. Canadian Plans for the S3/S4 VLBI Data Record and Playback System
Hirabayashi, H. VSOP Results
Manabe, S. Project VERA
Jan. 27 16:20--16:25 Break
Jan. 27 16:25--17:00 Plenary Meeting: (1) GEMSTONE, (2) APT/APSG
Jan. 27 17:00--17:05 Closing
**** Poster Papers ****

Reference Frame and Collocation

Bosworth, J. M., J. L. Long, V. E. Nelson, and R. Allenby Basic Criteria for an ISGN Site
Shimada, S. GPS Terrestrial Reference Frame in Japan
Ray, J. Problems and Limitations of Existing Collocated Space Geodetic Sites
Rudenko, S. Terrestrial Reference Frace Realization From the Analysis of the 15--year Lageos-1 & Lageos-2 SLR World Network Data
Hosokawa, M., Y. Hanado, M. Sekido, S. Hama, and M. Imae Toward a Tie of the Celestial Reference Frames via the Observations of the Pulsars
Bianco, G., F. Vespe, R. Devoti, M. Fermi, C. Ferraro, R. Lanotte, V. Luceri, A. Nardi, R. Pacione, P. Rutigliano, and C. Sciarretta Integrated Geodetic Techniques at the CGS/ASI
Reference Points and Local Tie at Collocated Station

Bosworth, J. M., J. L. Long, V. E. Nelson, and R. Allenby Survey Techniques for Space Geodesy Collocation at Greenbelt, Maryland; Fort Davis, Texas; and Tahiti, French Polynesia
Katsuo, F., T. Otsubo, J. Amagai, and H. Nojiri A Dual Checking System for Determining the Telescope Reference Point
Gaiovitch, I., O.Khoda, A.Osmak, and A.Samoilenko Collocation of Different Geodetic Techniques at the Main Astronomical Observatory in Kiev
Error Sources for Collocated Space Techniques

Haas, R., L. P. Gradinarsky, J. M. Johansson, and G. Elgered The Atmospheric Propagation Delay: A Common Error Source for the Collocated Space Techniques of VLBI and GPS
Ichikawa, R., Y. Koyama, T. Kondo, H. Hanado, K. Aonashi, Y. Shoji, Y. Hatanaka, J. Yamamoto, and T. Takamura Evaluation of Wet Troposphere Delay Estimated by Space Geodetic Techniques Using Water Vapor Radiometers in the Kanto District, Central Japan
Hatanaka, Y., M. Murakami, and K. Ochi Error sources in precise measurement of short GPS baselines

Sekido, M., J. Nakajima, Y. Koyama, N. Kurihara, H. Kiuchi, T. Kondo, and N. Kawaguchi Fringes from Giga-bit VLBI system
Takahashi, Y., H. Kiuchi, A. Kaneko, S. Hama, J. Nakajima, N. Kurihara, T. Yoshino, T. Kondo, Y. Koyama, M. Sekido, J. Amagai, K. Sebata, N. Kawaguchi, H. Kobayashi, M. Iguchi, T. Miyaji, T. Uose, and T. Hoshino The Plan of the Big Virtual Telescope Using the High Speed Communication Network
Kiuchi, H., S. Hama, Y. Takahashi, A. Kaneko, Y. Koyama, and T. Kondo Real-time VLBI System using STM-1/OC-3
Sebata, K., Amagai, J. and T. Kondo VLBI Blocking by Trees
Furuya, M., K. Sebata, J. Amagai, T. Yoshino, M. Sekido, Y. Koyama, and T. Kondo Strain Field Inferred from Key Stone VLBI network
Manning, J. The Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics GPS Coordinating Project