International workshop on GEodetic Measurements
by the collocation of Space Techniques ON Earth(GEMSTONE)
jointly held with
APT (Asia Pacific Telescope)
APSG (Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics)
supported by
the Science and Technology Agency

First Circular
- Call for Papers -

January 25-28, 1999
at the Communications Research Laboratory
Koganei (Tokyo), Japan


Space geodesy has shown great potential in the geoscience and practical applications. Space techniques are now widely accepted in many fields. Although individual technique is still being improved, it is strongly recognized that the benefits of collocation and the combination of space techniques are significant because each technique has its own strengths and weaknesses. A collocation enables us to understand the behavior of the atmosphere and physical effects. These studies will lead to improvements in the terrestrial and celestial reference frames. We can also use collocation to study systematic errors that may be invisible to only a single technique.

Although the importance of collocation has been stressed, the number of collocated stations is limited. However, we see some great examples which may contribute to this study. On the other hand, we have to solve the technical problems such as establishment of a precise local tie between space geodetic systems. This workshop will focus on the technical aspects of collocation and on its contribution to geodesy and astrometry.

We are happy to host the GEMSTONE international workshop in January 1999. A n APT(Asia Pacific Telescope)/APSG (Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics) meeting will also be held in conjunction with the workshop. Both meetings will cover the technical problems of space techniques and their applications to precision geodesy.


Date: January 25 (Monday) through January 28(Thursday), 1999
Venue: Communications Research Laboratory (CRL)
4-2-1, Nukui-kitamachi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan

CRL is conveniently located in one of the major cities in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which is well served by public transport such as trains and buses, shopping areas, hotels, banks and money exchanges.


J. Bosworth (GSFC, USA)
G. Beutler (Bern, Switzerland)
T. Herring (MIT, USA)
J. Manning (AUSLIG, Australia)
W. Schlueter (BKG, Germany)
S. Ye (Shanghai Observatory, China)


Taizoh Yoshino (Chairman)
e-mail: yosh(AT)
Tel: +81-42-327-7560
Fax: +81-42-327-6077

Tetsuro Kondo
Tel: +81-299-84-7137
Fax: +81-299-84-7194

Hiroo Kunimori
e-mail: kuni(AT)
Tel: +81-42-327-7559
Fax: +81-42-327-6077


We are asking for papers to be contributed. Participants are encouraged to submit 200 word abstracts by November 2 (DEADLINE) using the following guidelines:
The workshop accepts papers on the following topics.
- observations at the collocated stations
- data analysis combining the space geodetic techniques
- technical problems of collocation, including local surveying
- terrestrial reference frames
- technical issues in the APT and APSG, including celestial reference frames
Abstracts should be sent via e-mail in plain text (if a contributor has difficulty in sending their work electronically, please let us know.).
abstracts consists of TITLE, AUTHOR(S), and TEXT (200 words). Each of them should be separated by a blank line.
For abstracts submission and any queries, use email to: gemstone(AT)

- The program will consist of oral and poster sessions. Please indicate your preference for your contribution. Each contributor will be informed of the final decision at a later date.

Proceedings of the workshop will be published. Authors will receive detailed information on the format of this publication together with their letter of acceptance.

For abstracts: November 2, 1998
Please note that abstracts received beyond the deadline will not be accepted.
For papers: January 28, 1999
It is essential that you hand in the full paper on the day of the workshop.


The second circular will be issued in early November. Applications for participation and hotel reservation will be done after this time. Information will also be available from the following URL:@@ (


ampm evening
Day 1(Jan.25) Registration/Opening GEMSTONE
Day 2 (Jan.26) GEMSTONE GEMSTONE reception
Day 3 (Jan.27) APT/APSG APT/APSG Plenary meeting
Day 4 (Jan.28) Scientific Excursion

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