Instructions for GEMSTONE Proceedings

All the participants to the GEMSTONE workshop who made their presentations should prepare the manuscripts for the proceedings. As informed in the First Circular, we need a camera-ready manuscript by the time of the workshop, which is due to the severe time schedule of publishing.

Thus, please prepare the manuscripts looking like the sample when they are printed out. If you prepare the manuscripts in either Portable Document Format(PDF) or PostScript(PS) file, we are ready to accept an electronic submission as an attachment of email. Detailed instructions are described below.


Manuscript Preparation in LaTeX

It is essential that contributors prepare the manuscripts which look like the sample in the following two pages when printed out. Hence, each contributor can use any preferred word-processing software. The sample manuscript in the following were prepared in LaTeX. For those who are familiar with LaTeX, a special LaTeX 'gemstone.sty' style file is available, and the LOC recommends to use it. The style file and samples are available via the anonymous FTP server at or Please download the sample files and print out them and follow the formats of these samples. The 'epsf.sty' style file is also uploaded, which enables to include EPSF graphics files. The vertical offset and the horizontal offset of your system may differ from our settings, in which case you may have to modify the \voffset and \hoffset values to meet your environment.

Any comments and queries should be addressed to gemstone(AT)
Last Update : December 1, 1998
(links to 'gemstone.sty' and 'epsf.sty' were corrected by T.K. on Jan.23, 1999)