VLBI Observation Data

Data Analysis Software
Source Coordinates
ICRF (IERS RSC(WGRF) 95R01) [IERS Technical Note 23]
Site Coordinates
Tropospheric Delay
(Dry) Saastamoinen Zenith Delay model + Niell mapping function
(Wet) 3 hour interval Zenith Delay (estimated) + Niell mapping function
Earth Orientation Parameters
EOP97C04 (before 30 June 1998)
daily IERS Bulletin values (after 1 July 1998)
VLBI Observation and Data Analysis System
Frequency Sequence
History of Developments
Last analysis was done at
Fri Mar 22 08:21:42 JST 2002

From the following links, you can access the actual up-to-date analysis results obtained from the Key Stone Project VLBI observations. Please note that the observation and data processing system is still under development and, therefore, inaccurate results might be produced through the automatic data analysis processes, occasionally in spite of the error detection procedure. If you have any questions regarding the analysis results, please send an e-mail to us.

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Last Update: February 19, 2001