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Regular VLBI observation in the Keystone Project is terminated at the end of November, 2001 since the project is time-limited. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Note that our data base is still obtainable via internet.

KSP VLBI Data / Site Position

This page presents the estimated site positions based on the latest solution done at Fri Mar 22 08:21:42 JST 2002.

Since the beginning of July in 2001, the geodetic solution might be suffered by radio interferences. The data in this period is under investigation. Hence, the results are subject to change by the re-analysis. Thank you for your understanding.

Select one of the following stations to see the ASCII data files.

Koganei Station (since August, 1994)

Koganei Station (since January, 2000)

Miura Station (since May, 1995)

Miura Station (since January, 2000)

Tateyama Station (since September, 1996)

Tateyama Station (since January, 2000)

Please feedback your comments and requests to ksp-master(AT) by e-mail. Information provided from this WWW server may be freely extracted for personal use. Any HTML documents on this WWW server may be pointed to from your own personal pages without permission. If you wish to redistribute or publish any of the information provided here, you have to request permission in advance. Please consult with the Key Stone Project's representatives by sending your request to the e-mail address written above.

Last Update: Fri Mar 22 08:21:42 JST 2002

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